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Are you interested in becoming a scholar? Do you want to be among those who are enjoying this privilege? The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program seeks a world where you can get the privilege and the opportunity to learn and prosper but first, you will have to know one or two to easily Apply for Fully Funded Mastercard Scholarship Application For Africans, USA, Canada Now

MasterCard Foundation has produced African Scholars for secondary, undergraduate and Masters levels, who are efficient and a product whose aim is to contribute to the economic and social development or growth of their countries. To Apply for this MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, there are so many steps involved.Fully Funded Mastercard Scholarship Application

But before that, The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program offers a fully-funded scholarship to students who have been given provisional admission to study towards a postgraduate degree. Students(graduates) go back to their home countries to help develop their countries socially, economically and otherwise

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Benefits

Once your application is successful, the program will fund you with the following below:

  • First thing first, Fully-Funded School (Tuition) FEES.
  • The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program offers a fully-funded Medical aid cover for the duration of the study.
  • Fully-Funded accommodation and meals in a UP residence or UP-accredited accommodation.
  • Fully-Funded also when it comes to; Textbooks and printed material, modest monthly stipend, and even VISA costs.
  • Fully-Funded to all reasonable travel costs (including flight ticket) to and from your home.

This above is what all applicants of MasterCard Foundation Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholars Program (MCFSP) 2019/2020 for study are to have and not forgotten also Leadership development opportunities and Academic advising and counseling support PLUS more others which you will find your self during the application of your choice.

Eligibility Standards and Selection Process

Before applying for any scholarship abroad, is always very important you first check out for the requirements for a successful application. However, The Fully Funded Mastercard Scholarship Application for the 2019/2020 academic year is awarded in collaboration with a network of partner institutions authorized to nominate candidates.

Moreover, you have to know that there are different kind of application to apply here in The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, which includes:

Secondary Education – (Camfed International and Equity Group Foundation)

Undergraduate Studies – ( African Leadership Academy, American University of Beirut, Ashesi University College, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Sciences Po, University of Abomey-Calavi, University of Cape Town, University of Edinburgh, University of Gondar, University of Pretoria, Wellesley College)

Master’s Studies – (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), American University of Beirut, Arizona State University, Carnegie Mellon, University Africa, McGill University
Sciences Po, University of British Columbia, University of Cape Town, University of Edinburgh, University of Gondar, University of Pretoria)

So once you have visited any of these list categories above for application then you will see each of their requirements needed for all applications. However, All you just to do is select the institution of your choice and proceed with your application. PLEASE check below for a better guide on How To Apply Now for Free.

How To Apply for Fully Funded MasterCard Scholarship Application For Africans, USA, Canada

Trust me when I say that the steps we have here can successfully lead you to aim. But before that, you have to bear in mind that the Scholars Program is implemented through our partner universities and non-governmental organizations therefore decision-making and application process is being managed by each of the partners respectively.

Therefore, you should apply through the school of your choice if you seriously have an interest in becoming a scholar.

Here are steps you need to follow To Apply MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Fully Funded For Africans

STEP 1. To apply, you have to log on to their official website:

STEP 2. Scroll down and select the institution of your choice just as shown to you in the requirement

STEP 3. To apply directly from the institution of your choice, you have to click on visit to log on to the institution website

NOTE: This application includes Secondary education, Undergraduate Studies, and master’s Studies. For more information, we recommend that you research the application guidelines or contact the institution of your choice. also bear in mind that partner institutions have their own deadlines and admission fees.

Nevertheless, you can use the comment section below in asking any of your question that might interest you also, use the same comment box in dropping your opinions too about this steps to Apply for the Fully Funded Mastercard Scholarship Application For Africans, USA, Canada

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